Program Objectives

Program Objectives

The top-ranked Washington State University online MBA program is specifically designed to facilitate the development of working business professionals. Focused on global advanced business topics, the robust curriculum cultivates the tangible skills today’s managers and leaders need to successfully analyze information and make confident decisions. The highly collaborative and interactive learning environment improves the capacity for critical thinking and business strategy, all while developing a strong foundation in problem solving, ethics, and global leadership.

Graduates of the WSU online MBA should be able to:

  • Conduct business analysis and formulate an actionable business strategy that is grounded in theory and practice from multiple business disciplines.
  • Identify relevant data sources, use analytical tools and techniques, and conduct data-driven analyses to identify significant business problems, identify a solution, and justify action.
  • Apply leadership theory to analyze business situations and develop theory-based recommendations.
  • Identify and evaluate the ethical, global, and societal implications of doing business as an organization.

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