Online Learning Advantages


You’re already a busy professional with many competing demands on your time. That’s why, with our online program, you can log in to your classes on the days and at times that work best for you – 24/7. Most online students see this as a great advantage over commuting to a campus and spending time in a traditional classroom setting. For many, breaking up the classroom time by logging on at more personally convenient times throughout the week seems to be less of a strain on their personal and professional lives and often makes for a more enjoyable learning experience.

Connection and Interaction.

WSU prides itself on deep connections it has built with students and alumni. We are humbled by the frequent feedback we receive from students and faculty about the networks created in the classroom. Since participation is paramount in an online format, interaction and discussions from everyone in the class opens up broader and more diverse collaboration to solve complex business scenarios. The online format makes interacting with others easy and helps lay the foundation for growing your network of fellow distinguished professionals.


Unlike conventional classrooms, the online learning format allows you to easily and quickly revisit material presented. For example, you can re-listen to a lecture or review presentation slides. You can also re-read transcribed lectures, review class discussions, rewind a video and easily access things like test scores, assignments, online resources, and reference materials; all are advantages of having the material and course content at your fingertips.

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