K.D. Joshi, Ph.D.

K.D. Joshi, Ph.D.

K.D. Joshi is a professor in the WSU Carson College of Busines’ Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship. She received her Master of Science in engineering from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D. in business administration (decision science and information systems) from the University of Kentucky. Joshi’s research interests focus on knowledge management, innovation, and information technology (IT) workforce issues.

Her research on knowledge management is cited over 1,000 times, and she has received multiple research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF). She is also a co-principal investigator on the Institutional Transformation Grant, which WSU received from the NSF. Her research examines several issues including understanding knowledge sharing and transfer within groups and firms, and the recruitment, retention and advancement of an IT workforce.

Joshi has taught the Ph.D. Seminar as well as MBA and undergraduate courses on topics including IT strategy, business intelligence, web application, development and object-oriented programming. She has won multiple teaching innovation grants and is currently writing a book on business intelligence. Her engineering and business education backgrounds allow her to design and deliver technology-related courses which have a unique blend of both technical and managerial focus.

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