"In addition to an enjoyable learning experience, I have immediately applied my
education to my job. Thanks to my understanding of IT and IS, I was invited to join my
employer's Global Information Stearing Committee."
Online MBA Student


Is the WSU online MBA program right for me?

The WSU online MBA program is designed for students who are prepared to grow in their career. The program requires a strong commitment of time and effort and often requires cooperation from a student's employer.

If you are ready to make an investment in your career and your future, request more information about how the WSU online MBA program can help you reach your goals.

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Is company sponsorship available?

You will want to speak with your employer to determine if they have an education support program. Some employers require that you complete coursework or the degree before reimbursing you. If your employer plans to fund your education by paying Washington State University for your tuition, please talk with an Enrollment Advisor.

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Am I ever required to visit the WSU campus?

While you are always welcome to visit the campus, you are not required to come to the campus to fulfill any of your coursework. Many online students enjoy participating in graduation ceremonies in Pullman.

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Is financial aid available to online students?

The same financial aid options that are available to WSU on-ground MBA students are available to WSU online students.

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How long will it take to complete my online MBA?

The WSU online MBA program can be completed between 22-29 months. Your personal situation may vary, depending on completion of all prerequisite requirements.

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Are WSU’s online graduate business degrees different than the on-campus MBA programs?

The curriculum, faculty and course content are the same across programs. Graduates from our various MBA programs all receive the same WSU degree. The only difference is in how the courses are delivered - online students participate in the program without the need to visit campus. The delivery in the online program focuses on building your business skills to prepare you for career enhancement and growth.

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Can I waive some of the core requirements?

No, the core of the MBA is the required curriculum for all WSU MBA degrees and we must offer and require these for our accreditation.

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I took some courses in another MBA program. Can I count these toward my WSU MBA degree?

You can request that two elective courses be transferred from another AACSB accredited institution, but the College of Business will need to review course transcripts and will make the final determination if the elective(s) can be counted toward your WSU MBA.

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Does WSU require the GMAT? Can I take the GRE?

Since the GMAT is specifically designed for graduate business education, WSU requires the GMAT. If you have a current GRE score, we can evaluate the score for possible replacement of the GMAT. The code for sending your GMAT to Washington State University is 09D-TL-25.

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How long is the GMAT score valid?

Five years.

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What is the TOEFL requirement?

580 paper-based score, 237 computer-based score, or 92-93 Internet-based test score (IBTS). WSU also accepts the Pearson Test of English for business graduate students only.

• The Pearson Code is: 8Z2-GT-38
• Score Requirement: 62

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Do you accept IALC or IELTS in lieu of the TOEFL?

Yes, you must pass level 6 at IALC or 7.5 of IELTS.

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I have heard that getting a master’s degree from the same institution as my bachelor’s is undesirable. Is that true?

MBA programs are much different from specialized master's degrees in that they are comprised of courses from a number of discipline areas in business. It is not likely that you will experience a lack of diversity of thought if you choose to earn your MBA from WSU if you were a WSU undergraduate.

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Will my diploma state that this is an “online” degree?

No, you will receive a diploma for the Master in Business Administration Degree; the same degree received by students in our on-campus programs.

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How do I start the application process?

An Enrollment Advisor will be happy to walk you through the process and clarify any questions you may have.

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