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    The online MBA curriculum consists of 36 credit hours for students with a bachelor’s degree in business. Students without a bachelor’s degree in business will need to take up to 16 additional credit hours of foundational course work.

    You may choose from four concentrations – marketing, finance, international business or hospitality business management – to focus your education on subject matter that most closely aligns with your career objectives. All course work is entirely online and may be completed in as few as 22 months.

    Strategic Leadership

    Management (MGMT) 590 – Strategy Formulation and Organizational Design
    Relationship between the formulation of strategy and the selection of effective organizational structures and systems.

    Management (MGMT) 593 – Managerial Leadership and Productivity
    Organizational behavior and human motivation in the workplace; organization and leadership theories, studies, projects and models leading to improved productivity.

    Functional Business Tools

    Accounting (Acctg) 533 – Administrative Control
    Managerial evaluation of budgeting, cost accounting, and financial analysis techniques; their utilization in control of operations.

    Finance (Fin) 526 – Problems in Financial Management
    Application of financial principles to problems in financial management; credit policy, capital budgeting, leasing and mergers, cash management.

    Management Information (MIS) 580 – Information Systems Management
    Data processing organization; operations, application development, computer selection, management of computer personnel and systems.

    Marketing (Mktg) 506 – Marketing Management and Administrative Policy
    Marketing management and administrative policies as they relate to concepts, strategies, and decision making.

    Business Administration (BA) 514 – Business Analytics
    Analytical skills for decision making, data collection and analysis, sampling, inferential, regression methodologies, experimental design, time series, forecasting analysis.

    Capstone Project and Final Presentation

    Business Administration (BA) 579A - Capstone
    MBA capstone course. In-depth analysis of strategic opportunity or problem.

    Business Administration (BA) 579B - Capstone
    MBA capstone course. Leveraging work in Capstone A to create a business plan.

    Business Administration (BA) 702 – Master’s Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examination
    Delivery of final graduation requirement-the complete business plan.


    The online MBA program consists of three elective courses (nine credit hours) to be announced at least one term prior to their delivery so that students can make decisions about electives that best meet their schedules and career goals. Electives are also used to satisfy concentration requirements.

    Foundation Courses

    For students who did not graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited institution, WSU is pleased to provide seven fast-paced foundation courses delivered in the same innovative online format as the online MBA program. The foundation courses are five to seven weeks in length. Learn More



    Examine advertising theory and practice and their role in business. Explore patterns of consumer behavior and the underlying psychology. Take an in-depth look at the guiding principles of international marketing.


    Hone your skills in the arena of financial analysis and explore the complexities of domestic and global financial markets. Study investments, interest rates, and financial futures in depth.

    International Business

    Take an immersive look at the international business landscape and the governing principles of doing business in the global marketplace. Discover the challenge of adjusting American advertising strategies to fit foreign markets.

    Hospitality Business Management

    Learn more about business operations within the hospitality industry. Take courses in service management, international tourism, and hospitality operations.

    MBA Certificates

    To provide added flexibility for professionals seeking to enhance their business background, each concentration will also be offered as a nine-credit graduate certificate. Non-degree seeking students pursuing a certificate will be subject to the same enrollment requirements as those seeking admission to the online MBA program.

    Current Washington State University MBA students, upon acceptance and declaring a concentration, can earn a certificate in marketing, finance, international business, or hospitality business management simply by completing the three corresponding electives that are already included in their curriculum.

    Washington State University MBA alumni are encouraged to build on their current credentials by earning an MBA certificate. If you have already taken one of the corresponding electives, you may be eligible to use those credits toward your certificate, provided you are accepted into the program and have graduated within the past six years.

    Students who are not yet ready to commit to earning their MBA are invited to apply to the program and pursue any of the three MBA certificates. This opportunity allows you to test the waters and determine whether you are prepared to attempt the full MBA program.

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